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How fresh should coffee be?Updated 7 months ago

One of the most critical factors for excellent espresso is freshness. Coffee gradually loses its delightful aroma after roasting, even if the package remains sealed. While this process is slower compared to many other fresh foods, the difference in taste is noticeable, almost palpable. Ground coffee is especially vulnerable to losing its aroma. Hence, we strongly recommend purchasing whole beans and grinding them fresh for each espresso.

But you might wonder, can coffee beans be too fresh? Indeed, they can. Excessive CO₂, which develops during and after roasting, can hinder the proper extraction of ground coffee. This is particularly problematic when making espresso. Therefore, it's advisable to wait a few days before brewing your first espresso, especially with freshly roasted coffee. For espresso roasts, this typically means waiting for 7-8 days, sometimes a bit longer. Notably, the CO₂ escapes through the aroma valve on the coffee package that you often see.

Once you've allowed your coffee to "degas" adequately, you can open the package. However, it's crucial to seal it again as swiftly as possible. Many modern coffee packages feature resealable aroma closures. To use them effectively, remove excess air from the bag and firmly seal the closure. By following this method, your coffee should maintain its aroma for approximately two weeks.

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